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Donate any item

There are over 180,000 charities in the UK alone. You can donate anything from cat food to computers and more!

What's it all about?

CharitiesNeed is a free online search tool designed to help you find out which charities are most in need of your unwanted items.

The way it works is simple. Charities create a profile and provide regularly updated information on items they need. Charities can also assign a rating to items. So for example, if they really need CD’s and DVD’s, they can assign a high need rating to those items. Donors then enter their postcode and the sort of items they want to donate and CharitiesNeed provides a list of suitable charities within your area. Donors can also learn more about the charity, what they do, directions and their contact details.

We want to make donating more efficient by helping charities broadcast what they need and making sure items are put to good use. This also speeds up the donating process and removes any ambiguity about where and if an item can be donated.

You can visit to try it out. It only takes a few minutes for a charity to register and a matter of seconds to do a search.

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Oxfam in Northallerton needs cd's and dvd's

Oxfam shop window in Northallerton High Street (Sept 2014).